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I am sorry to hear that you are in menopause. Er, I had a hyst (total) so I deal with that too. I am sorry to say that I take more medications than you. I am panhypopituitary so I have to replace all my hormones. I also take florinef. Night is fine for that - I used to do that. I take a couple of thyroid meds, estrogen, testosterone, a couple of pain meds, florinef, salt, cortef, migraine meds... cripes I cannot keep track of it all.

Talk to your doc before changing your meds (I am not your doc!!!) but um, just from a practical standpoint, that dose at that hour is going to impact sleep. All the docs I have (I have multiple endos!) say not to take any after 3 or 4 - I only take a teeny bit at 4 or 5 so I can have some quality of life per their instructions.

Yeah, um no one should compare themselves to me unfortunately as far as condition since I had Cushing's before, and now it seems that hid a muscle disease so now I am permantently disabled. I am not in good shape. I have attended addison meetings though and I have met some who are working and exercising and doing really well, and others who are doing less well... it really depends. I have to say though the lady I met who is doing the least well has a really bad case of prednisone induced-Cushing's sadly which gave her bone necrosis. My docs are very very careful that replacement is just enough and not too much. It can really be quite damaging.

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