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Hi i am getting concerned now- over about 4years i have been getting increasing worsening symptoms- lack energy-cant walk far now without feeling weak dizzy nauseaus extreemly tired and need the rest of the day to rest, hypoglyceamic episodes, feel lightheaded/faint when standing in the same position for a while, weakness-struggle to take the top of the milk!, feel really cold alot even when its not really that cold, need the loo alot and thirsty, anxiety over stupid things, have these light brown spots on above my belly button and shoulder and have got more tiny dark brownlike birthmark spots on my arms, also my lips have got this blueish look to them and my gums are really pale with a greyish colour except right by some of my teeth it looks like yellowish patches, i have a low bmi and my weight wont increase.
Anyway i had a cortisol single random test done last year-came back normal it was 590nmol at 10.30ish but just had a retest last week and it was normal at 582nmol at 9.00. I get really wound up having bloods done am i right in thinking that stress can increase the levels? also does this rule out adrenal insufficiency? does this sound like it to you? how were you diagnosed? please post back, thanks.

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