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Hi, jen.

Your symptoms sound very much like mine before I was diagnosed. I can't say what my cortisol levels were, though, because none of the doctors ever tested it. Docs 1, 2, and 3 told me I had the flu, was healthy as a horse, and was depressed in that order. Doc 4 ran a battery of blood tests and determined that my sodium was very low and potassium was very high. She suspected Addison's and referred me to an endo to confirm. By the time I could get in to see the endo, I was unable to stand, I had no measurable pulse, and my organs were shutting down. She didn't even bother with a cortisol test. She said I was textbook.

If the doctor you're seeing is not an endocrinologist, can you get in to see one? Many of them have never seen Addison's before, but they're more likely to know something about it and probably more receptive to diagnosing it based on more than just a simple blood test. I understand serum cortisol tests aren't that reliable - an ACTH stim test is needed for most patients (I never had that, either).

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