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I am starting to suspect I have an adrenal problem due to the fact I have been unable to tolerate my thyroid meds. This has happened recently after a trial of a few months on Armour. Now, I can't hardly take a small dose of thyroxine. My thyroid tests say I at mid range for the T3, yet I am experiencing [U]severe[/U] hyper symptoms, which should not happen until the upper range or above.

I had a saliva test about a month ago, prior to this episode, showing some low cortisol and other low sex hormones and low DHEA.


7-8AM 15 (13-24)
11-noon 3 (5-10) depressed
4-5PM 4 (3-8)
11-mid 2 (1-4)

It says I am maladapted Phase II
____________ _________ ______

DHEA 1 (3-10) LOW

____________ _________ _________

hormones (in context of time of meses)

borderline low:
F testosterone 7 (borderline low 5-7; normal 8-20pg/ml)
Androstenedione 97 (borderline low 75-124pg/ml)
Estrdiol 8 (luteal 7-20pg/ml) my phase at the time
Estriol 14 (cycling female (12-25 pg/ml)

progesterone (very elevated) 837 (luteal 65-500pg/ml)

I am at my wits end. I have been all over the literature about adrenal fatigue, hypopituitary, hypoparathyroid...I just don't know what to do. My dr keeps thinking that if I get enough thyroid meds, my adrenals and other hormones will improve. But, I can't seem to get the right thyroid meds dose in order to achieve this.

I had an ACTH test (not stim) in July which was normal - I can't locate the value, but the endo said it is fine.

Any advice???? I am at my wits end. :mad:

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