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[QUOTE=sherryE57;3391234]Diane44 Did you have weak legs and arms? The back pain is from 3 surgeries so I have had that since 1990. I have learned what and what not to do with that.The dr says that my weak legs is NOT coming from my Addison's diagnosed in Oct.2007.But I think you said you were weak.Is that true?
I have high blood pressure,hypothroyid,cholestrol of 540,burning eyes,weak legs, and now weak arms,crave salt am shaky,very easily irritated,do not go to the rest room any more than before,also menapausal. All these things appeared after my Addison's diagnosis.Do you have all these problems? I went through so much with my back and laying flat on it that this is almost the same except I didn't feel as bad.Please write back :[/QUOTE]

Hi Sherry,

I did have weak legs and I couldn't even walk at times. Even had some paralysis but that was due to high potassium and have not experienced that since my potassium levels have gone back down. I now find that occasionaly when I overuse my legs they are very weak also. They feel kind of rubbery and I am not so sure that I will be able to continue walking. They may just collapse. Not so much pain though, just weak, tired. I have not had that in my arms however. I also have high cholesterol and I eat pretty healthy. Mine is just over 300, my BP was opposite of yours, mine was low but I am now maintaining a healthy 130 over 80. I thought that was high (130) but the doc reassured me that this is not. I never went through meno pause my ovaries stopped working when I was about 38 which was about 6 years before I was diagnosed. No night sweats or irritability or any of the other stuff that goes with that.

Do you use eye drops for the burning eyes? I learned from my eye Dr a few months ago that auto immune disorders such as we have will make our eyes dryer. I was given an eye drop to use every few hours and it has helped so much. It is a milky white and you even see white when you put them in but only for a few seconds. I have a condition called blepheritis (sp) and have had it for a long time already. I have a daily eye routine which has helped very much with that. I wash my eyes with a cotton ball and baby shampoo, then take a q-tip and run it around the inner edges of my eyes to get anything else left. I do this every morning. No more plugged ducts and no more dry itchy painful eyes.

That stinks about your back. My husband has a bad back and has had surgery too. He is having a tough time again with it so although I don't know what it feels like to have had surgeries and that type of pain I do know somewhat what you are dealing with and how it affects your life and for that I am sorry.

What kind of meds are you on for the Addison's and what dosages? It sounds like some of what is going on, bathroom issues, shakyness, irritable could be due to the meds not being just the right dosage for you yet. You are a very new diagnosis and it takes a while, hang in there!

For meds. I take levothyroxine for my thyroid, Cortef and Florinef for my Addison's, Clarinex and Ranitidine for my chronic allergies, eye drops for dry eyes, Alleve for arthritis, dovenex and clobetasol creams for my psoriasis
DHEA for energy and some hormonal balance and calcium is a must too. I think that covers it.

Autoimmune disorders cover a lot of ground but we can handle it. :wave: This board is so very helpful! I am so glad I found it and that you did too.

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