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Cortef contains oh gosh about .0003% of the same active ingredient as in florinef - that is, trace amount.

That being said, if your blood pressure is normal, your salt management ok, and you have been tested for renin and aldosterone and you don't need to bring the levels down or up, then perhaps you *can* forgoe the florinef.

However, most addisonian people do much better on it as well as with taking additional salt tablets. I have friends and the dose varies from half a tablet and sometimes I have taken as many as 3. My BP was pretty low at that time. I am now back to .1.

You are saying your BP is normal, so that is actually a good sign. As long as your sodium and potassium stay in normal limits, that is good, too. Actually, critical in the case of someone with Addison's. Do keep an eye on it as the situation can change and carry salt tablets with you to dose up in case your BP drops. Crisis usually occurs when sodium drops and potassiums rises.

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