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[QUOTE=Diane44;3389268]Lately I have been wondering if the DHEA is working. (I take 30MG a day spread out three times a day.) For the longest time after I started taking DHEA I felt wonderful and not tired, I could tell it was working. Has anyone else ever experienced this odd change? I feel tired much more often and in need of a lot more sleep. I seem to be more irritable, somewhat forgetful and not sure why. Also, I noticed that I no not need to shave my legs anymore, that to me says, not working. [/QUOTE]

You should have your DHEAS blood levels tested. Research has shown that both low and high DHEAS may be bad for women interms of early mortality. 30mg/day is on the high dosage side.

Since DHEA is not regulated it's possible that your brand has cut back on the actual amount of DHEA in the bottle. There are only a few brands that appear to be tested to assure the dose corresponds to the bottle label. Perhaps change brands.

Have you taken antibiotics recently? If so, perhaps you have a fungus infection which can lead to the symptoms you describe. I would try getting a prescription for Nystatin and see if that helps.

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