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If you have a diagnosed adrenal issue (or even not diagnosed), the issue can be salt or other electrolyte imbalance.

Working out, you are sweating. With addison's disease, one does not hold on to salt, there for an adrenal crisis occurs when sodium drops to a critical point and usually potassium rises. Blood pressure usually drops and the body tries to compensate by beating faster. Body temperature drops and one can become confused. If this persists, it can become life-threatening. People often throw up.

In the case where you are just dropping low but not critical, it still does not feel good. I would recommend getting salt tablets and preferably not the buffered type as the buffering is potassium! Take the salt when you are not feeling well and see if that brings you around. Ironically, a soda will do this as they are high in sodium and sugar. You would think a sports drink would be a good choice but it is not as it contains potassium and you want to avoid that.

Usually those with low adrenal activity lose weight. Gaining usually happens with too much steroid either from replacements or from the own body. I have met enough people who had Cyclical Cushing's where they went from super low to high and bounced all over and were very hard to diagnose. It is a tough thing and requires a lot of testing. Good luck.

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