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Does anyone have experience with at home saliva testing for adrenal/hormonal problems? My endo did a ACTH stimulation test, which was "normal" but I've read the ACTH stimulation test deals manly with the pituitary and doesnt measure cortisol/DHEA production. I have a naturopath who only uses a biomediean(sp?) electronic stress test to see whats not balance in my body, and it showed that my adrenals, thyroid, female hormones and immune system are off balance. My endo has done thyroid tests and I am hypothyroid, but he refuses to check my cortisol/DHEA or female hormones. So my plan was to order the tests myself to try to see whats going on. The problem is I cant seem to find any companys who ship saliva testing kits to Canada.
Does anyone have any experience with this kind of thing?
any help would be hugely appreciated!
I don't know about the saliva kits but cortisol and DHEA are produced in different layers of the adrenal gland and perform different functions.
DHEA is a percursor hormone to estrogen and testosterone. Cortisol regulates the metabolism, reduces inflammation etc.
I would suggest getting a blood test - DHEA sulfate. Cortisol can be tested in both blood, urine and saliva but some people do not test *well* in urine and saliva if they happen to have high cortisol binding globulin which means they will not spill free cortisol which is they type tested by those tests.
Good Luck.

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