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Hi everyone,

I suspect that I have Addison's disease, but I need find a good endocrinologist near Southwest Virginia. My symptoms are:

Low blood pressure after waking or getting up from a sitting/lying position
Extreme Muscle Fatigue (I can't walk down steps without my legs shaking)
Really bad salt cravings. I'll eat anything with tons of salt on it.
Sudden changes in my blood sugar (too high and too low)
Inability to handle pressure/stress (I shake when I get an unexpected phone call)
Celiac Disease
Problems with bruises and scratches healing
Unrefreshing sleep

I had my cortisol levels checked before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and they were: (This was not an ACTH stimulation test)
13.6 ug/dL
My DHEA is really low
My testosterone is also really low

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I need a good doctor desperately.

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