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Hi Sparkles! Sorry that no one has replied. I have been watching for an answer.
Where is Florida are you? I am in North Central Horse country. I am in the same boat as you. I find it ironic that my Endo recognized an a.m. cortisol of 7 was low when the lab lists 4-22 as normal. Yet, he fails to recognize that my ACTH of 7 is low with the lab listing 5-27 as normal. On my stim, my pre cortisol level was 5.8 but I stimmed to 20.2.
I have read numerous places that an ACTH less than 10 is diagnostic of Secondary. Of course that was when the normal range was listed as 10-60. I a have also read that secondaries have ACTH less than 20 and that most normal people have levels in the 30' and 40's. Still, because I more than doubled he pronounced me as normal and refused to do any further testing. I believe the ITT is suppose to be better at identifying secondaries.
I have been considering going to Shands for a second opinion.

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