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It was my saliva test is what precipitated all this further investigation on my part becasue it showed lower cortisol, very low DHEA and low reproductive hormones.

Once I became intolerant of thyroid medication over the last two months, after I had such fantastic initial success with Armour, I knew I was in trouble.

Over the summer I had the ACTH which showed 11. Of course that endo never commented on it and I preume he considered it "normal". At least the new endo had enough sense to know that the literature suggests that mid range morning cortisol (say between 14-17) plus low normal ACTH warrents further investigation and give me the stim> I don't know that she is well-versed on diagnosing secondary AI. The lab "forgot" to get my ACTH this time round prior to my stim. I am still a bit perturbed by this!!!

In the meantime, I have decided that I am going to one of those online companies and order some labs for myself - including DHEA-S, and some of the sex hormones. I will show this endo and see what she says, and maybe the next endo (???:mad:) At least I will bolser my case.

On the subject of autoimmune diseases, I found that I had signiifcant antigliadin ABs (IgA) - so I went gluten free in the hope that it would help my condition(s). My family has a number of autoimmune disease, including hypo, perncious anemia, PCOS and Crohns. Definately a connection. Good luck with your B12 diagnosis.

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