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Thankyou for your reply and information.
I should've mentioned that my daughter had these steroids a year ago, but although her symptoms have improved somewhat they still remain, and she is still quite unwell. She was not weaned off them, and I realised that she had a high dose but you have highlighted just how high it really was. She had a pre-existing weakness, that was caused by iron defficiency, and possibly other things, that we are still pushing to get investigated. (ie thyroid)

My daughter had 2 cortisol blood tests done last year, a few months after the steroids. She had one at 9am and another at 4pm. Our doctor told us that the morning cortisol was normal but he omitted to tell us the pm level, so i am requesting this level as it may be relevant. We only started considering cushings when we realised a blood test result (cortisol) was missing and how her situation had similarities with cushings. Thanks again for your words of support.

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