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I have been having what I belive is Adrenal Fatigue. I went and had the ACTH test and it was normal. I had a urin cortisol test and it was high and I also had a blood cortisol and DHEAS test and both were low.
I did a saliva test for the DHEAS and it was low and the so was the cortisol saliva test starting in the PM. I am also hypothyroid with hashimotos. I have terriable exhaustion and achyness that wont go away. My tiredness is sometimes accompined with and upper back pain and intense itching in the lung area. At first I thought it was a lung problem but doc check to see if I had fluid and there was none. Nothing I do stops my symptoms. I have been hypo and hyper and still have the exhaustion. I am on armour thyroid and have been for quite some time after switching from levothyroxine, which did nothing for me. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows the true safety of talking DHEA? I belive this will raise my DHEAS level but I dont want my testestrone or estorgen to rise. I was thinking of just taking 5 mg of pure pharmacy grade DHEA for about 9 months to see if I improve. Do you think this is risky? At this point I am willing to try anything to feel better.

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