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Hi Guys,
After going through an extremely traumatizing love and job affairs, I think my body has finally reach its limit and toil and I broke down completely. I decided that the time has come for me to take control of my life and I had a saliva test sent to a lab and my results are posted below. I have been feeling pretty tired, suicidal and depressive for a couple of years coupled by other health problems like eczema and body aching. I always know something is wrong somewhere but not too sure what it is.

I am pretty confused right now, and will be really grateful if u guys can give me ur interpretations of my results. My result shows elevated cortisol in the morning and "rather" normal cortisol level in the afternoon and night YET my DHEA is pretty low, too low for someone my age. I am currently 32 years old and I am male.


Result Range
CORTISOL PROFILE AM <42.8> 6.0-42.0nmol/l
CORTISOL PROFILE AFTERNOON <6.7> 0.0-15.0 nmol/l
CORTISOL PROFILE PM (2) <6.8> 2.0-11.0 nmol/l
CORTISOL PROFILE,EVENING <5.4> 1.0-8.0 nmol/l
DHEAS PROFILE AM <1.4> 5.0-30.0nmol/l
DHEAS/CORTISOL RATIO <0.03> 0.20-0.60

Do u guys think I am suffering from Adrenal Fatigue or is it some other problems?

I have ordered Dr Wilson's book and it will be with me 2 weeks later. If u guys think adrenal fatigue is what I have, I will also be buying the supplements formulated by Dr Wilson!

Thanks a lot!

p/s:Guys pls bear with me on the results, I had it type all nicely and for some reasons, they are rather compressed when I post it, I hope u guys are ok with it, I am really sorry!

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