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Thanks Pam.

You did great.

Well I have even more respect for my IM. She said most MDs probably can not handle me. I can be a bit intimidating. WHAT? I am a 5'2" over weight moody auto immune thyroiditis suffering blonde female.. what is intimidating about that. She thinks I know too much and that makes the common MD nervous. I actually douoble check everything they say.

Well, I have another set of confirmed conditions. I am officially adrenal insufficient with adrenal fatigue. My IM gave me the results of my adrenal function testing and went over them in detail. The nurse had told me that the cortisol was normal.. and ACTH high.. well actually... Only my 8 am cortisol was low normal (17% )in the normal range. My 12 pm (.07), 5pm (.05), and 12 (.04) am cortisol levels.. were nada. The only reason my cortisol was normal at 8 am was because that was when I take my DHEA which can be converted quickly into cortisol. Bad thing about DHEA.. you don't want to take more than 20 mg and it burns up quickly in your system.. so by noon my cortisol plummets again and I am BLAH. The average person needs a cortisol level between 40-60% of normal range. Lower and higher will give you issues.

So I get to start the art of balancing and popping hydrocortisone pills 4x a day tomorrow. I will be keeping up with this board now as well.


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