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Could someone with adrenal fatigue/exhaustion or addisons please give me their list of symptoms?
I have been fighting this battle since Feb 2007 and I feel like I am losing. I also have myofascial pain and Raynaud's as well as hypoadrenalism and a few other illnesses.
Does anyone experience palpitations or tachycardia with their adrenal illness? That is my biggest concern since I am going back in for another holter monitor on Monday.
Does anyone experience muscle tightness too or have fibro or myofascial with their adrenal illness? Or any other autoimmune illness or high ANA level with their adrenal illness?
Any help or stories would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks so much.
I too have been diagnosed with Adrenal Exhaustion and will be going to an endo. on the 21'st. I am not producing any cortisol first thing in the morning well I am producing .01 but that is it. I was in the ER this weekend with Heart palpations and they found a right bundled branch block but that was about it. I have been getting pains in my chest also, they did not test my adrenals knowing that I was already diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion. I also have hypoglecimia. I am taking hydrocort, do not like it or the side effects, so hopefully they can find somthing else.
I hope you start to feel better soon.
Thanks so much for your post. It is nice to know that we are not alone. I am also hypoglycemic too.
I am actually wearing a holter monitor right now for my heart. I had more blood tests taken last week and I got a phone call today that my calcium was high, so I had to go and get it retested today along with a few other things. So, I am not sure if these heart palpitations are coming from the adrenals now or this calcium. My doctor is now also looking at hyperparathyroid. So, I am confused. I fit all the symptoms for all of them, so I am sure what is coming from what.
I hope that you can get some relief too. Heart palpitations are so scary. I have had them for over a year now, and they are still very scary.
Your calcium issues aside, tachycardia can happen with addison's as the body does not handly sodium well anymore. It could be either source so good to look at both. Often the blood pressure goes down the heart pumps faster to compensate. I have had to wear monitors a few times for it and go in for stress tests and all and I in my early 40's.
Reynaud's is auto-immune as well as your adrenal insuffiency may be caused by the same so having more than one is sadly, common. I have fibro, myasthenia gravis, meniere's, hashimotos... my addison's was caused by the removal of the adrenals to cure cushing's disease.

Bugsmom - not sure what side effects you are having from the HC but I hope they advised you how to take it properly and they have given you a dose that is neither too much or too large - both of which will just give you side effects that are the body, not really the medication - however too much will eventually erode the body, too little will not allow you to live. It bites.

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