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Sorry I missed this. My pituitary endos test DHEA sulfate. I am on DHEA as my adrenals were removed.
I had cushing's disease and my ACTH was normal while my cortisol was frequently normal or elevated - I was cyclical pituitary in nature.
I know of others with Cushing's and they will have elevated ACTH with normal cortisol - but that can also be the case with Addison's - the feedback loop is messed up so you really need to find a doctor who is going to test frequently if you suspect high cortisol as you may be cyclical (and go high to low) or an ACTH stimulation test if Addison's is suspected. For instance, now that my adrenals have been removed, my ACTH has risen (last test 1801). So high ACTH can mean both.

I agree - do doc shop if you are not satisfied - no sense is being sick.
Thanks MG and Rumpled!

I had my ACTH come back normal:

ACTH - 17 (6 - 48)

My cortisol was low though, but not enough to diagnose me w/Addisons. I plan on getting the DHEA S test soon. I have an appointment with my doctor this Thursday as a last effort to get him to do some more tests.

I say he treats me like a child because he typically says, "let me try this," sends me to the lab and then calls and says I'm fine. He never tells me what he's working up. Also, he and other doctors have made me feel like a child because they keep giving me the "he needs pyschiatric help" attitude every time I tell them that my condition is not getting better. They act like all my symptoms are so far from being related that I'm crazy. The sad thing is, I can go to the Mayo clinic website and find atleast 5 conditions that list 95% of the symptoms that I have. But none of the doctors I have seen to date have mentioned any of them.

I'm just frustrated. If this turns out to be an extreme cause of adrenal fatigue, it would make me feel better and thus able to buy into the diagnosis, if I knew of others who had it (and only that) and had the symptoms that I have. My symptoms just feel too painful to be adrenal fatigue.

Thanks for listening MG and Rumpled!:angel:
Can't you talk him into a trial of Cortef or Adreset given the border line low cortisol test? Just to see if it helps? I hate the you are normal. Well normal in a statistical Gausian bell curve about a statistal average.. does not mean optimal for you. Have you looked to the Armour physician locator database for a thyroid/endocrine system savvy MD near you. If the mD treats you like a child... as you say. Find a new one. I would have given... and have given MDs the boot for less. I also make sure the other MDs that are good hear about them and as many patients as possible too. What city in IL do you live in.. I will dig up Armour approved MDs in your area and list them by name and city for you. Now I am mad for you. I am glad you ACTH is normal.. you don't want that sucker high.


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