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Ive posted before asking questions about getting a diagnosis. I am very ill and my dr's are telling me it's fibro. My body is telling me it's addison's. I have had a brown discoloration around my mouth and now under one arm and lately I have developed this lovely tan without ever going in the sun.
My entire body aches as though I have the flu and I have constant cravings for salt and sugar. I have other symptoms but right now those are the most distressing.
My endo did his idea of a workup which included an AM cortisol. It was within the normal range. My prolactin was high and my fasting glucose & A1C was high.
When I returned I begged him to do further adrenal testing but he refused. He made a sarcastic remark about putting me in the hospital and tapping my adrenal glands directly to get a cortisol level. He said that with a normal AM cortisol it is 100% certain that I do not have adrenal insufficiency.
Because I cannot get any further testing done through him I am going to go through healthcheck to get (hopefully) a definitive answer but I cannot afford more than one test.
In my situation would you recommend an ACTH stim test (does healthcheck even do that one?) an adrenal antibody test or a 24 hr saliva test?
Thank you so much for your responses.

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