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thanks for the response. My endocrinologist did give me bromocriptine for the elevated prolactin but never spoke with me regarding the possibilities that a tumor was the cause.
Unfortunately I cannot change dr's at this time. I am in an HMO and it is difficult to change as well as the issue of pending referrals. That is why I decided to go with an online blood test service. I don't want to waste my money though. The main reason why I suspected Addison's is because of the hyperpigmentation. I realize that the muscle pain and other symptoms could be a hundred different things but the hyperpigmentation seemed specific to Addison's. The discoloration around my mouth is getting darker and I seem to be getting more color in my skin every day. My family thought I had been using self tanner. I am about a shade darker than I would normally be with regular use of self tanner.
My internet research (I know that is limited) has only come up with Addison's as causing these specific types of skin discoloration. I don't know if it is. My AM cortisol was 12, within the normal range, so I am hesitant about spending several hundred dollars on testing and I still don't know which test would be better in my situation.

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