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Hey you all. I am one of the newest hypoadrenalism sufferers to officially join you all. So now in addition to the Hashimoto's, secondary hypothyroidism, and possible hashimoto's encephalopathy; I get to add Add.. hypoadrenalism. My Cortisol was below range and my ACTH was high as well. My IM didn't say Addison's.. but preferred to call me a adrenal insufficient/hypoadrenalism. ;) Gotta love the MD speak. But given my autoimmune happy body.. I am betting it is.

So my MD told me I need to start Cortisol support by taking 5 mg hydrocortisone 4xdaily. I was also told it will take some tweeking on my part would be required to figure out when and how often to take my pills. The one issue I am worried about is sleep interference. I have sleep apnea and insomnia.. so I would prefer to not add to the insomnia. My sleep is precious and needed, what little I get.

So I am calling all experts out there. How do you time out and schedule your med dosages? I have to balance Gerd, allergy, and thyroid meds with this as well. So this is what I plan on doing.. tell me if it sounds good. Or if I am asking for trouble.

Synthroid at 6:30 am
hydrocortisol 7:30 am
hydrocortisol 11 am
hydrocortisol 3 pm
hydrocortisol 7 pm
vitamin and supplement slurry at 8 pm
antihistamine, decongestant, reflux meds at 10 pm.

It is sad, but I have had to set alarms to remind me to take my meds. Ugh! Who knew having to take supplements to replace your failed endocrine system could get so complex. I am glad I am a bit obsesive about schedules and such. Also do you all take additional supplements to aide in improving your function? If so what kind and scheduling works best for you.

My sincerest thanks in advance to everyone reading and sharing advice.
You should take your largest dose of Cortef first thing in the morning. So, I would say, take 10 mg. first thing, 5 at noonish, and 5 at 4 or 5 p.m. I'm surprised your doctor didn't recommend this.
I am surprised that doctors do some of the things that they do too.
I tired to go off of one of my cortef dosings, and they told me to just delete the last dose at 5 (10 millagrams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I think it may have been you that told me that you only taper 2.5 mg at a time. Boy did I learn the hard way!!!!!!!!!! I was really really sick from that.
Turns out I need the 30 but it was only after I told her about the tapering, and she is supposed to be one of the best there is in the field. That has been my only really bad experience. I get the feeling that thyroid is more of her expertise, but I really need her for that and she has really come through for me.
So that is why I was running up walls and doing laundry til almost 2 am... Thanks guys. I noticed this morning I was cold. Had to pull out the jacket and wear it indoor again. After about 4 hours and my thyroid meds were at max.. I warmed up.

I think I will go with the 5 mg as a morning dose then my 2 - 5 mg closer together in the morning. I did get alot of chores done last night.. now if I can disconnect the buzzer on the dryer my son and hubby wouold be much happier. Time to do some engineering.

I will be holding on the 5 mg 4x a day for four weeks. My levels will be checked again. Then I will adjust or hold and go back for another recheck in 4 weeks. My IM is on top of this. She says the first three months will be the most telling.

The one thing I have noticed is my thyroid is aching again. It had stopped for the most part. Now I have the constant ache on the right side where I have a single nodule. Does taking cortef make any of your thyroids ache? It may be that I am getting in balance finally and my thyroid is getting pinged to make more T4 again. Whee! I have had two days with out a nap and am doing fine. My knees are still popping and creaking. But the back, hips, wrists, and ankles are a little better. I played soccer with my son today and a lot of walking.. so we shall see how things go. Thanks for all the advice. My MD wanted to send me to an Endo, but couldn't think of one good with thhyroids within 2 hours of me.. so we are working together. As a result I thought I would ask the experts. ;)

Thanks Betsy.

I will give the 10 - 5 - 5 regime a shot. I do have a new development. I am retaining water. In my feet. Got the puffy fluidized skin poofs last night. They are already here this morning. Do you all have to fight this? If so, how? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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