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Go in with a predefined list of thyroid tests. Ask the Endo what tests they are going to run and request that they include the following with it.

TSH 3rd Gen minimum
Free T4
Free T3
T3 Uptake

It wouldn't hurt to get them to look at the adrenal function and pituitary function while they are at it. The WHOLE endocrine system is tricky and dependent on each other. When one thing goes bad.. well shall we say TIMBER or domino effect. It would help if your cardio would test the thyroid so you can walk into the Endo with results in hand and get the ball rolling if there is an issue. Most Endos are swamped and getting in to them can take a LONG time.

As to your POTS, did the MD diagnosis it by symptoms or did he do that horrid tilt table test while drawing a smorgous board of blood. Up til the t8ilt table test my Cardio was willing to bet it was POTS afterward he had to dismiss it and said only other source is thyroid/autonomic in nature. I went back to the Endo and she dismissed it out of hand.. insisting the heart, vision, headaches, and many other issues were not thyroid dependent. You have to double check your MDs.. they do and can make mistakes. You have to work with them to make sure mistakes are minimal.


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