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Alright.. some background on the situation, I Had been dizzy, missed periods, and etc. My doctor decided to run some tests. Well, the first tests she ran were hormones and did the cortisol to test my pituitary gland. I have been on Metformin since July and my period still hasn't came.. I have even lost 55 lbs. So these tests were to check out everything and make sure nothing else was wrong. Well all the tests came back normal except my aldesterone, it was two times as high as it should be, but they checked adrenal insufficiency and nothing was wrong with my adrenal gland. So my doctor checked my sodium , potassium, etc. Well my sodium was low- so she decided to do some sodium tests, and put me on a high sodium diet, for two days test my aldesterone and sodium, then put me on a low sodium diet and check my sodium and aldesterone again. Well she got those back and the results were this, on the high sodium diet along with 24 salt pills over two days my aldesterone was 7 ( it was 32 before and now it was in the normal range.) my sodium was 137 then also normal. Then she put me on the low sodium diet and my aldesterone went back up to 40! My sodium was 126:(. So she ordered a urine creatnine and a sodium urine test to test kidney function , and those were fine. So she was stumped, she said she had never seen anything like it. Can someone tell me why this is weird? She told me I need to eat salt, and if I don't I need to take salt tablets- she also prescribed me Florinef to try ( prescribed for Addisons, and etc.) But my adrenal function was fine! She said to try and see if this helps, she said she had never seen someones body do this. I have to go back in two weeks for more tests! blah! Has anyone been through anything like this?

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