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Normal doesn't necessarily mean normal for you. You should get a copy and post the levels here. What about your thyroid function? Did they do a TSH, FT3, and FT4? What were your levels and ranges. Many MDs look and see.. Normal range and dismiss it. Normal is definitely not optimal if you have symptoms and are not in the optimal window. Did they test you for Hashimoto's and Graves disease. Early stages of both are really hard to catch. You say you increased your sodium.. how? Are you taking iodine supplemented salt.. lots of it? Too much iodine can cause these issues.

It would help us help you if you get a copy of your lab work and post the values and ranges for your basic thyroid and adrenal function tests. The fact that things are off and you are catching them now.. may mean something is just starting and all things haven't kicked the bucket yet.. be it adrenal, pituitary, or thyroid. The endocrine system for your body is complex and hard to follow. Most MDs specialize in certian conditions. You may need to find an Endo that specializes in adrenal and pituitary function. Have they done an MRI or uptake scans to see what is what? I wish i could help more.. but your case is not like anything in my family or my experience. We are just AI thyroid freaks.. I am the first one to walk the adrenal dysfunction route and thyroid Hashimoto's route as well.. whee!


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