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Hard to read what you said but all that thirst - sounds like diabetes insipides and that is pituitary based. Very few docs know what that is. If you have that, you have to keep drinking.
Can you find a pituitary specialist?
Often when someone feels this bad, and a doctor cannot find an easy answer, they will simply look for "horses hooves" and give anti-depressants. Been there, done that. It takes a lot to prove that you are a zebra and that they need to prove attention. Some doctors will never see it even if the hooves hit them in the face. Part of it, in my own story, was they saw my personality as my health (sad - I was depressed - ok mood - I was fine!) and getting them to see the real issues and getting testing took a lot of work. It may take changing doctors a lot to find the right combination and someone who will work with you.

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