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This thread makes me want to cry. Really cry.
Prolactin can be raised by medications, hypothyroid or a prolactinoma. I have to tell you that I had barely abnormal prolactin readings and was fully lactating out of both breasts, was told that was impossible (yes, the lab tests are correct and my body, yes, my body is totally wrong - bad bad body) so I was given medication to dry me up. Eventually my prolactin went back to normal. Now, they found a 5-6mm pituitary tumor at this time but everyone assured me that they were absolutely sure that there was no way in the world I could ever have a prolactinoma. Fast forward 12 years, and when I had pituitary surgery, they found two pituitary tumors, and one was a prolactinoma. That happened to be the tumor that hid from imaging for 12 years. The one they saw was the Cushing's one - oh I could not have that either. But I did.

All I can say is... endocrine issues do tend to happen in bunches as the system - despite what the friggen doctors think (or don't think is more like it) is all hooked together. So they should be checking all your hormones carefully, not just a few, and doing it correctly.

ANg - As for having to be in the hospital for an adrenal problem - your doc is plain ignorant - at that point you are then near death. The whole point is to find it before you are at that point. True, the symptoms are very non-specific (fatigue, weight loss etc) but that whole attitude smacks of stupid. You are correct, they do not have a clue. They prefer to give out steroids and suppress the adrenals but have no clue what to do if one has an issue.

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