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Long story very very short//
a 23 year old male in very good shape.. workout/eat well/no smoke no drink. About 2 years ago, i woke up feelin very disoriented and lightheaded. I went on my track to 20+ drs with no answer until i ran into a healthboard and found LYMES disease. My symptoms run very similiar to lymes.. and now what i later found out.. thyroid issues amongst other things. Severe light sensitivity, vision distubances, brain fog, fatigue and heart palpitations. Im 5 8 160lbs so im not overweight for my size in the least so i was told that thyroid couldnt be the problem accompanied with many basic thyroid function blood tests, but never seen endo. I am undergoin treatment for lymes, even though i dont have a definitive positive, i only have a partial positive and lymes testing is very controversial. .. I havent really responded that well to ABX and wanna make sure its not something else. I have had numerious blood test and cat scan. THe only thing was definitive was my BRAIN SPECT but im gettin kinda skeptical after reading the symptoms being so similar... Now the more i read about something called ADRENAL FATIGUE... the more i think this could be a possiblilty.. Im currently on a wide variety of vitamins in addition to the abx.. My thyroid tests from my pcp have come back all okay... but im just nervous that lyme isnt the case.. I have had spinal tap and mris to rule out ms... My symptoms are mostly neuroligical, including vision problems and light sensitivity... im fine with the lyme diagnosis and happy i have that atleast.. but i wanna make sure its the culprit

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