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Hi Jenni,
I'm 32 years old and the story of your teenage years sounds so similar to my own experience. I struggled for 3 years to finally be properly diagnosed at age 22. I was sick for many years leading up to the complete failure of my adrenals. I was always thin, weak, sick, tired, fainting, etc. Once diagnosed, I also responded quickly and positively to my meds and I now live a pretty normal life. I have my days but for the most part I take my meds, stay positive, and life is good. I'm happy for you that you want to get pregnant. My husband and I had our first baby, a healthy little girl, 9 months ago. My first trimester was very difficult with nausea, vomiting and dehydration but many non-Addison's women have those same things. I did use cortisol injections for the first few months because I just couldn't hold down my oral meds. And towards the end of my pregnancy my free cortisol levels were low and the endo increased my dose. I had a c-section and extra IV steroids for 24 hours after, then stepped down the dose back to normal on my oral meds over the following 10 days. You'll probably find most OBs will recommend the same for you- c-section is the absolute safest way for the docs to control your bodily stress and limit adrenal demands. Baby makes his/her own adrenal hormones and will be okay either way. If your doctors feel you can handle pregnancy safely, go for it and do it while you are still young! Good luck to you!
Thanks sooo much for responding! I thought nobody had kids! But your the first person to respond and its so awesome to hear somebody elses story. I feel better hearing about your pregnancy, and that you have had a baby with addisons. So did you deliver early? And was your OB good, what questions should you ask them? How are you with your baby now? I'm worried about all the work, and no sleep, do you do ok? Cause me, without 8 full hours of sleep my body hates that and I get sick. But I can't wait to be mom and to have kids of my own. My mom she's so scared for me cause of addisons and she almost doesn't want me to have kids. But me and my husband are ready and I can't wait. But I want to know now what I should be doing to get prepared to have a baby. And what to expect when I get pregnant. I don't want to complain at all that's my promise to myself, because being a mom is what I crave for and finally I'm healthy enough to do so. Our insurance kicked in May 1, and we need to be on it a whole 10 months before the baby is born, so how long do you think we should wait on top of the 10 months? We were thinking 2 months just to be safe, so what do you think?
And thank again for responding, it was nice to meet you! And hope to hear from you again.

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