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Well, there is your problem.
You are taking more than you probabably should and your dosing time is off.
For example, I take 15 at 7am, 5mg at 1 and 2.5 at 4pm
Most of my friends take 15mg at 7 or 8am and 5mg at 2 or 3pm.
Compare that to your schedule.

I am surprised you get any sleep!
A normal body has the highest cortisol rise at approx 8am in the morning - followed by a roughly 1/2 fall by late afternoon and it falls to near nothing at midnight so the body can sleep. HC has a half life of 6-8 hours. You are not giving your body a normal rest which can impact your bones, eyes, muscles - everything.

Also, a normal dose is closer to half of what you are taking. You should taper down to closer to 20mg. I take 22.5 to suppress my super high ACTH reading. I suggest you taper off that 10pm dose and move you noon dose to later. Spread it out so you only take eventually 20mg and your weight should drop back.

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