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Endo refused to even look at the tests. He stated that the saliva tests were not accurate for determining adrenal insufficiency.
He was snide, sarcastic and outright rude.
I told him that the test results, combined with feeling like hell and hyperpigmentation should at least warrant further testing. He refused of course. He told me I was self diagnosing and that I didn't know what I was talking about.
He said the pigmentation should be inside my mouth, not on the outside and dismissed the tan and other areas of pigmentation.
Needless to say that is the end of our relationship.

Can anyone offer any advice or know of any good dr's who can help me in the Orange county, CA area?
Sheez, my ACTH is 1801 (4-27) and I have hyperpigmentation up the wazoo and my mouth is fine. I used to be vampire pale and now I am tan with old lady hands without wrinkles.
If we mention doctors, the thread will get zapped. But you need to look for a new one and there are, lucky for you, good ones on the west coast.
By the way, I was diagnosed with saliva and urine tests so that guy has no idea what he is talking about.
I was diagnosed by saliva and blood tests. My Internal Medicine MD did it. My Endo was a bust. My cardiologist and neurologist and IM question the level of thyroid care that the Endos in my city can give. They are great for diabetes and straight forward thyroid conditions, but any quirks such as multiple endocrine system dysfunction or autoimmune issues are not handled well. I am currently looking for a thyroid savvy Endo with in 2 hours of me. It is looking like I will need to travel to Atlanta, GA or Birmingham, AL to find a good one. Good luck on your search for a new MD. Have you tried the Armour thyroid physician database. Most that prescribe Armour are more forward thinking in their practice of medicine and have to stay up to date on the latest recommendations of care and policy. Just a thought.


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