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Apr 8, 2008
Hi i have just been to see my endo which was a waste of time, i just dont know what to do now! I really do feel that i have got some sort of adrenal/cortisol problem symptoms:
tiredness even though i sleep over 10 hours
no energy/stamina
cold hands and feet
dizzy/fainting spells
unable to exercise or i collapse
anxiety over silly things
need the loo a lot
hair comes out
poor complexion
brown patches on abdomen and shoulder areas (small orangy-brown a few milimetres in size not raised not itchy or anything)

this is what happens if i walk a short distance:
start to feel shakey legs and arms
very nauseaus
excessively tired and weak can last upto a few days

endo has done:
72 hour fast to detect hypoglycaemia, it whent to 1.2 at the end but junior doctor saw symptoms and corrected it without getting a full blood sample therefore endo only says it dropped to 3.7. (symptoms-shakey, drousy, weak, sweaty, nauseaus, confused) (had low insulin but grosely ketotic)
water deprivation test-urine didnt concentrate untill 20 hours without anything to drink/eat (therefore excluded diabetes insipidus)
single random cortisol- 582 (20?) at 9 (on this he has excluded cortisol as a problem but this was taken before i felt alot worse eg nausea and faint episodes aprox5 months ago)
mild anemia
echocardiogram normal

I check my blood pressure now and again:
mornings before i get up average 80/40 (feel awful)
the other evening sitting-100/90 standing 90/80
but has been around 110/60 120/60 when at hospital a while ago
pulse is usually high-110-150
yesterday was 54

What do you think? Do you think this sounds like addisons or something similar? im just concerned now as i am noticing im worse but i dont whant to end up going to A n E but i feel that if i cant get anywhere with the endo that is how its going to happen. the exercise is the major problem with me its like my body physically cant maintain energy past the most basic of functions. and if im ill e.g. just a cough i am bedbound nausea gets worse totally off food and weak etc was like that at christmas and lost 6 pounds in 2 days had a really bad turn very very dizzy, nauseaus, faint, excessively weak etc. Luckily i went on total bedrest and didnt move for 3 days, dank loads and craved salt and sugar then became slightly more normal. Do you think a stim test is more advisable to diagnose cortisol rather than a single random? Is this what it was like for you? Please post back im despirate, thanks.

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