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Have you had a dexa scan? Have you had your alkaline phosphatase tested? Does it show you have bone turnover? I am hypoparathyroid so I have had a few of these issues but on the opposite side.... there are endos that specialize in the parathyroid and bone or you need to see a good one that will scan you as well as check all this out. But to be hyperparathyroid, your PTH #s have to be above 88, I think.

I look at your TSH jumping all over and I have to think... pituitary. Mine did that and my docs kept adjusting my meds to the TSH and I got every color (dose) and I felt like crud and it turned out I had two lesions on my pit. They were not TSH secreting ones but the pressure put on my pit wreaked havoc with my hormones.

Are you taking a good D3? Check the label on your D and make sure it is D3 - take at least 1000iu a day or more.

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