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Dito on Rumpled. ANY MD willing to run the tests will do. Once you get the blood work and salive/urine tests run you have your ammo for diagnosis and treatment. you are dealing with the endocrine system. Glands and hormones flux. They are rarely steady freddy. In women in particular, fluxes occur monthly if you are still premeno. You need an MD willing to look into this further.. maybe an OB or and IM.. but someone you can get into and work with. I found my rare gem on the Armour thyroid physician locator database. everyone else had been a bust.

You can have a NORMAL TSH and still have thyroid issues. Thyroid is not the pituitary and definitely not the adrenal gland.. these glands are separate entities and do a wonderous variety of crud to you when out of whack. Whooow! Sorry. *steps off the soap box and pushes it to the center of the thread* NEXT!


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