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You should go to the MD for sure. As too testing for addison's... this I would do if the thyroid panel indicated its presence. Adrenal insufficiency tends to identify itself early on in thyroid blood work. How? The Ft3 levels will be much higher than the Ft4 levels. Fainting can be due to anything from anemia to other issues. It alone is not an indicator. The fact you have had a baby in the last year can also have your system all out of whack.

Walk in and see the MD with your blood results.

Use this formula while in the office:
FT3 value Range (lower limit - upper limit)
[FT3 value - lower limit]/[upper limit - lower limit]*100 = % Ft3 active in your system with in 2.5-5%.
FT4 value Range (lower limit - upper limit)
[FT4 value - lower limit]/[upper limit - lower limit]*100 = % Ft4 active in your system with in 2.5-5%.

If all is well with your conversion of active T4 in the liver and the adrenal and pituitary glands are functioning properly. The Fts should be 50-80% of range and FT3 and Ft4 values will be with in 5-10% of each other.

If the Ft3 level is lower than the FT4 level you need to check you conversion of T4 with a T3 Uptake and RT3 blood tests. If those tests come back normal you have to look for low ACTH and high cortisol.

If the FT3 is higher than the FT4 you are mostlikely looking at an adrenal/pituitary issue. ACTH will be high or the cortisol will be low.

You do not have to be out of the normal to be low or high for you. Most people due best in the 50-60% level of the normal range for these tests. If you are at 20% or lower.. too low. If you are right at the top og the range 90-100%.. well this may be too high. I wish I could help more, but with out the blood work and a physical exam I am not sure what else can be recommended. You definitely need to get to your MD about that fainting. Imagine if you had done it with your baby in your arms. Or driving. Or.. I am sure you know all the bad times to fall out.


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