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Thanks for replying rumpled. Well after moaning to the endo about my not improving symptoms he huffed and said i could see the other endo next door to whichi did. Anyway he seems to be going along the same lines as the other one- basically saying that the water dep test was normal as i concentrated after 20 hours and to reduce my fluid intake (labs for the test showed a high plasma osmolarity, and low urine osmolarity after fasting but i wasnt given the injection) and also says that the random cortisol of 20.5 after extreem stress is equivelant to having the stim test thus i produced an adequate responce plus atch is nothing to do with my symptoms. So im at a loss - like they keep saying the tests are 'normal' so i start doubting myself by thinking maybe it is in my head, but then i try and walk into town not far and feel like im going to collapse and that makes me see relity. The endos dont see me when im at my worst which also makes it hard. It seems like most have trouble being diagnosed.
Thanks for replying, I have done some research and found that low cortisol can cause urine to concentrate hense taking 20 hours to concentrate, thus could still be diabetes insipidus masked my low cortisol. Thing is would asking gp for low dose vasopressin to see if that fixed DI symptoms make it harder to pinpoint ? cortisol?
I am concerned about asking for them to repeat random cortisol as they have been 'normal' apartform the last one which i have doubs about ist accuracy (if it doubled then it would have been alot lower than my others-at 281, or within range eg 500's maybe and not have doubled either way we dont know). And endo has said that we physically cant do the stim test as they cant cannulate or able to get the bloods off me-dehydration. What would you do as he is saying that this last cortisol constitutes a stim test? I just dont want to push them too hard as its taken 4 years to get this far and i have tried to sort of direct him but that just puts his back up and holds things up. Thanks.

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