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Stim test-no go!!
Apr 15, 2008
Hi just need someone to talk to. yesterday the endo called me and said i needed a stim test. so today went for it, but no one could cannulate me, i hadthree doctors tying it in over an hour (total of 12 times) so you can imagine how stressed i was by then. Anyway endo decided to leave it and just do a baseline cortisol not atch, aldosterone or anything else. and he remarked at least after all that i will be stressed enough to show a normal level to rule out addisons!
do you think that my veins were collapsing as a sign of addisons i am constantly getting dehydrated as my results show (also i have very slow ability to concentrate my urine so endo told me to cut down on my fluid intake)? About 6months ago iwas hard to get blood off but certainly not this bad- they actually said it is not possible to cannulate therefore what happens when i feel worse (today i felt relatively ok by that i mean i could walk from the car park to the room and not faint).
Anyway the stim test is abandoned and they wont do this now and are going to base the diagnosis on a cortisol that has been taken under extreem stress and say that it is normal. i dont know what to do im loosing faith rapidly with this lot, cant they see that not being able to start the test indicates something, if the stim test is the total test to diagnose addisons what do i do, im not getting any better? please post back, thanks.
Thank you all for replying. Well firstly i have just been to see the endo today for the results of the cortisol result- suprise it was normal according to him (result 20.5 after over an hour of stabbing me with needles) therefore there is no need to try a stim tests again, or do atch or any other hormones.
With regard to being unable to cannulate me they were using peadiatric cannulas and had my hands and feet warmed in hot water but they soon go cold again.
They said that a stim test would be done as a last resort to rule out addisons (symptoms weakness, faintness, hypoglycaemia, cant exercise otherwise i collapse, cold, nauseaus especially in the morning) and now they have got that one random cortisol they are saying that that is as usefull as the stim test to rule it out. Anyway endo has said to keep doing normal things and to try and put more weight on (i am on 3000 calories a day anyway and since december have lost 7lb)
With regard to my frequent urination thirst etc, the endo did a prolonged water dep test i finally managed to just about concentrate my urine after 20hours fasting, therefore when i drink i am constantly going to the loo. Endo therefore ruled out diabetes insipidus from that and said to reduce my fluid intake but since ive done that i feel dreadful (dry mouth and tongue is cracking/sore, lightheaded, and of course thirsty)
I just dont know where or what to do I guess all i can do is wait! What do you think? thanks
Thanks, this is my second opinion, mind you i only got offered him because the first endo said i could see him as he'really doesnt have a clue'-his own words. But it was awkward because the second opinion is next door to this one and the first one keeps comming in and butting in whilst this second one is looking at my results-thus the second one comes out with more or less what the first one says. There have been so many mistakes with labs and accuracy of the tests that i have no faith in their meaning now. How would i go about looking for another endo (these two that ive seen arnt specialist in addisons/hypopit etc but are only specialists in diabetes)? Wouldnt it look bad (like im making a fuss) that ive already seen 2 that have virtually said they cant see anything come back in 3 years! please post back, thanks

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