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Hi Chris,
Welcome to Addison's Disease. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and would like to share some basics:
You should feel the benefits of the cortisol supplementation right away. It's a pretty fast acting drug and the dose we get as Addison's patients is a metabolic amount, meaning it should replace/mimic the amount a healthy adrenal gland would produce. That being said, maybe your dose isn't strong enough for your metabolic needs? Or maybe you need to spread your dose throughout the day- some in the morning when natural cortisol levels should be at their highest, and some in the afternoon to get you through the rest of the day- ask your MD what they recommend. Or perhaps you need to ask your endo to consider adding the mineralocortocoid drug Florinef to your treatment plan. Florinef will help better regulate your sodium/potassium levels which can ease the fatigue, elevate low blood pressure, etc. Don't know how this would interact with your thyroid condition & meds, but it's worth asking.

Most importantly is to educate yourself, especially for emergency situations. Illness & bodily stress strains the adrenal patient differently, we have to factor in and manage Addison's in tandem with every sinus infection, fever, broken bone, etc. Addison's is a very rare condition. Many doctors see it only a few times in a medical career and you will often need to fill them in on your special needs, remind them that you need stress dose steroids. Always disclose your Addison's diagnosis in every medical situation, to your dentist before any procedures, etc.

And if you aren't already for your other conditions, register with Medic Alert and wear your bracelet! Hope this helps!

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