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Hi Chris

I just have to say that YES the right meds make all the difference! Florinef fixed my BP right up. I too spent some time eating dirt and denting my floors with my face. I scored a 10 on my last face plant. Since Florinef I have not fallen once due to anything but my own clumsiness. I also take HC 10MG at 6Am and 5 MG at 3 Pm. I have thyroid, RA, psoriasis, Addisons, Chronic allergies etc.... all that fun stuff that goes with auto immune disorders, I can't even keep track of them anymore and it takes me 10 min. every Sunday just to fill my weekly pill cups. My dosages of my Florinef and HC have changed over the past year (diagnosis for me Feb. 07) depending on labs. I eat extra salt every day and like it. :) My whole life I loved the taste of salt over sugar so am wondering about that. I am so healthy now and sometimes I think I am healthier than people who have no disorders. In June, (my goal) it will be one year since I have been sick in any way shape or form, no cold, no flu, no sore throat, no ER visit, no hospital stay nothing and I can't tell you the last time I made it a month without being in bed sick for days. It has been a long time. Yes, Yes, Yes the Meds make a diff and I truly believe that the HC and Florinef combo is the key for so many with AD.

I go to the Mayo in MN and have a GREAT Dr. Heck, they are all great, they saved my life in just the nick of time. Hang in there Chris it DOES get better!

I love your tagline mkgbrook!

Take care all

[QUOTE=chris1021;3548540]Hi Lesley,
Thank you for your nice post....nice to meet you! Some of your suggestions to me have been given to me over the years, and some just over the weekend by some friends...
7 Years ago, long before I was diagnosed, the doctors (many that I saw to get help and got nowhere) said that I had Neurally Mediated Postural Hypotension. My BP would drop 30-50 points when standing. NOBODY could tell me WHY it was dropping. All they would do is try to treat the symptoms... I went from doctor to doctor, each one trying to fix me..... Some had me taking Florinef, wearing compression stockings, increasing my salt intake, and taking beta blockers. Nothing helped me. I still have all of the same symptoms. When I stand up, or sit for long periods of time my legs and feet turn purple, I'm always dizzy or "half a bubble off center" and just feel wiped out everyday...after seeing a host of doctors I starting believing that I was losing my mind! I ended up seing a cardiologist for 2.5 years, and he had me on beta blockers, which made me feel worse....*sigh*....I've suffered and struggled with it all for years to no avail....Many of them were close to figuring things out....but they didn't think they needed to test me for addisons....."it's so rare!" ARGH!!!!! Also, EVERYONE says "you look so great!" It has been a nightmare!
So, taking Florinef with Cortisol would be better? To be honest, I am so freaked out taking any meds because I've been on so many through the years, and none have helped me. So my faith in them is pretty low. Is there a specific test that would indicate that Florinef is needed?
Also, getting a medic alert bracelet is something a friend suggested to me on Saturday. So I will get one for sure.
My doc is SUPPOSED to be back in the office on Thursday so hopefully I'll be able to get in to see him.
Here is another dopus question....what is the difference between adrenal insufficiency and addisons? Or are they the same?
Thanks again for your help!:)

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