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[QUOTE=mkgbrook;3542203]Well you can add a DHEA supplement first thing in the morning. Issue there is do not exceed 20 mg and if you suddenly get really bad acne.. it is normally from more DHEA than you can handle.
Test #1 - ACTH Stim Test (Done @ 2:00pm):
Baseline DHEA(S) - 461 (110-370) - (135% of range)

Test #2 - Saliva Cortisol Panel:
DHEA - 9 (3-10)
My DHEA and DHEA(S) look pretty high as it is. Will the supplement take some of the stress off my Adrenals by not having to make so much on its own, or would that give me too much? (And Acne has always been a problem, so nothing to lose there...)

I'm really trying to stay off as many supplements as I can until we figure this whole thing out so I don't "Muddy up the waters". (Except for Iron, which I have to start taking because Red Cross donations and all this blood work have made me mildly Anemic.)

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