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I read somewhere that:
[QUOTE]Excess DHEA can cause excess levels of estrogen and testosterone, as well as creating a dependence. [/QUOTE]
Any truth to this?

My DHEA-S is up, but it's only about at 135% of range, and since my ACTH is about at 144% of range it might just be an appropriate response to the high ACTH.

If the statements is true, I could see things happening like this...
- Adrenals have a problem producing Cortisol (still need to figure this one out)
- Hypothalamus/Pit sees low Cortisol so ups CRH/ACTH to get more
- Adrenals try to respond but the best they can do is to raise DHEA, (and in doing so reducing the amout of Pregnenolone available)
- Excess DHEA is converted to estrogen (and a little to testosterone)
- Extra Estradiol is sensed by the Hypothalamus, so lowers GnRH
- Low GnRH means low FSH/LH
- Low FSH/LH means low testosterone
- Low testosterone/DHT means Estradiol synthesis isn't challenged, resulting in higher Estradiol production
- High Estradiol to testosterone ratio causes stress on the body
- Hypothalamus/Pit ups CRH/ACTH to get more Cortisol in response to stress
- Rinse & repeat

Would a low FSH/LH still convert extra DHEA to Estradiol, or would that throw my whole theory out the window?

I'm really looking forward to seeing what being on HC for a few months will do to this whole cycle, (if and when I ever get to the Endo to start HC...)

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