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[QUOTE=rumpled;3544355]Has your potassium dropped as well or has it stayed normal - as it sometimes rises and falls in opposite direction as sodium?
Has your cortisol been tested at all - 24 hour tests with urine, saliva...
Low sodium can be I agree her long time frame between appointments seems very... laid back.[/QUOTE]

Hi, thanks for the reply. My potassium has been fine throughout all the tests- it has always been normal. My coritsol has been tested- I have not had any 24 hour tests though.

The time between appointments, I had a few appointments- but they were before the other tests were preformed. So they were more "check-ups" on my female problems, and ok lets wait and see if the Metformin will work. When I mentioned I was becoming dizzy, thats when she decided to do further testing etc.

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