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Wow! This is a lot. How did they start you with thyroid meds.. at what level? Have they done an uptake scan or biopsy. By your antibodies you are negative for Hashimoto's.. but there is a chance of false negatives.

As to the rest... wow.. that is a lot.

PTH is good suggesting that the paratyroids are functioning even if the thyroid is not.

You need to back off the pregnenolone. For some reason your not converting the levels sufficiently up the chain.. too much is never good.

TSH 5.121 (.35-5.5)
FT4 1.04 (.61-1.76) This is 37% of normal range.
FT3 2.8 (2.3-4.2) This is 26% of normal rnage. You are just outside of balanced so one would expect cortisol to be in normal limits at the time of this blood work.

You use some DHEA supplementation. Max you want to take a day accorning to my MD is 20 mg. You will want to check this with your MD. 10 mg is the starting dose.

Are you trying to get pregnant? If so note that you are going to have to get into the 60-80% of range to eliminate the chance of the hypoT T4 levels causing cognitive issues in the first 12 weeks for the fetus. I am having issues getting my FTs up in the optimal 60-80% of normal range myself.

It does look like you could use a boost in your aldosterone and cortisol as well as the other natural hormones. Have they tried boosting the ACTH to see if the adrenals respond accordingly? It is looking like the pituitary gland isn't up to snuff. But I am NOT an expert. I wish you well and will be interested in what the MDs determine to do. I am about to get the full hormonal evaluation next week as well. Time to see how my first 4 weeks of cortisol have been treating me. Ugh!

This is a roller coaster ride and a half.

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