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Re: Dexamethazone?
Apr 29, 2008
Well... HC does contain tiny amounts of minercortosteroids but it is very tiny. Hydrocortisone is the steroid most like what the body makes.

How do you take your HC? I would first spread your doses out from twice a day to three times a day before I would change to a long acting steroid.

While a long acting steroid such as prednisone, which is the next step usually, allows for once a day dosing, you are always building on the next dose and then weight gain and bone issues etc. may or will occur. Pred last about 36 hours, Dex lasts 56 hours so every day you take another dose, you add more and more on top of what is already in your body.

A normal body has a rise in cortisol so it is highest in the morning, a fall in late afternoon to roughly half and at midnight, it is almost zero. With HC and its short life, you can imitate a normal body but with long acting steroids, you cannot hence all the long term side effects.

I take a total of 22.5 and take it at 15mg at 7am, 5mg at 1pm and 2.5mg at 4pm. This helps with getting energy throughout the day but allows me to sleep at night.

Are you taking salt and drinking enough water? What are your sodium readings on your tests? I know it seems counter-intuitive, but people with addison's cannot hold on to sodium so need it. When there is not enough, the body will do all it can to hold on and then swells.

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