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My son was diagnosed with Addison's. His endo is still waiting on tests to see why he is not producing cortisol.I've had to take him to the ER room for fluids twice because he couldn't keep down the cortef. He is very nauseous all the time and throws up a lot and has migrains. The headaches and nausea were getting better when the endo upped his cortef dosage then she said the next day to cut it back down to half and the nausea started so today I'm giving the double dose and calling her on Monday.

She started him out on cortef 7.5 mg 3X a day and 5 mg at bedtime and that dosage wasn't stopping the nausea or headaches. When a person is first dignosed with Addiso's shouldn't what is the normal starting dose? His primary care doctor thought the endo didn't have him on enough cortef to start with. He's lost 14 pounds in 2 weeks and has been in bed for 2 months.

He is having a pituatary scan done next week and she is waiting on more test results. The endo is 2 hours and away and we only have 1 pediatric endo in our town. The hospital I took him too 3 days ago wouldn't admit him even though I asked them to because I was afraid he couldn't keep the cortef down when we got home.

He is not on florinef now. His electroytes are normal and his blood pressure has been very high on cortef. It was very low and he was first diagnosed with vasovagal syncope by a cardiologist 4 weeks ago. In the past when he's taken prednisone his BP always goes way high also.

I appreciate any suggestions or what I can do to stop the nausea. Is that an indication that he needs more cortef?

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