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My condition is genetic (autosomal recessive) which means that both parents have to have the same defective gene in order to pass it on and this is extremely rare. If they have children usually one child will get the condition full-blown and the other children will just be carriers and be perfectly healthy. The condition cannot be passed on unless they meet someone with the same defective gene which as mentioned is very very rare!

I was born health and did not show any signs of my first endocrine disorder until I was 3years old. I suffered from mal-aborption and could not tolerate milk or fatty foods and so I was on a strict diet. I lost alot of weight and it was not until nerous repeated tests that they discovered I was not producing calcium and so I was diagnosed with Hypoparathyroidism.

I then went on to get Addison's disease when I was 11yrs old and when I was 21years old after having my daughter my thyroid packed up although it does partially work and so I don't take a high dose of thyroxin.

I have always had bad nails....bumpy with slight ridges and they never grow really long because they break. Also, when I was younger and still now from time to time I get candidiasis in my mouth on the inside of my lips and roof of my mouth. Also, when I was younger the corners of my mouth would split.

It was not until I was 19years of age that I was referred to a professor of tropical disease because of my mouth and she was fascinated and sook photographs of my nails etc. she researched this and discovered some Finnish Literature and told me the name of my condition. Most cases are in Finland and so it was originally thought to be linked to the Finnish Gene however there are cases in the US, New Zealand and Iran as far as I know from my research.

The initial symptoms are the candidiasis and the nails, also 4 of my back teeth have malformed enamel and this is also linked to the condition. Its actually called Autoimmune Polyendocrinopathy Candidiasis Ectodermal Dystrophy and it is genetic as mentioned. There are up to 7 endocrine illnesses which you can get if you have this condition however most people usually just get 2 illnesses. I on the other hand have a few more.

People usually get Addisons Disease and Hypoparathyroidism and so it is good to have your adjusted calcium levels checked. The ideal level should be about 2.2. I have mine checked when I feel it is too high or too low so I know whether to take more or less calcitriol. I'm used to the symtoms and so no what to expect.

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