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Hi ! I saw your post and was curious on what your symptoms were? I began reading this post and he described MY symptoms to a T but he is a man...and you are a woman so I am wondering what this is and can BOTH sexes have it? I do not have kids like the 2 of you but I was told by my endo that infertility, the lack of libido and all is tied to an adrenal problem ?and he wants to have me do a Cortysn test? ( I had to fill the rx as my is a vial with a white substance in it) and they said they would inject it in me and then test me a 1/2 hour later and then see the results then and take it from symptoms are extremely tired....attention problems...breast discharge from right breast(gallachtoriha but ruled out cancer..however continue to have a BLUE discharge from right breast...going on 9 years now)...NEVER have been pregnant and not all that careful either... I have had an MRI done of my pituitary gland, no tumors.. all my other thyroid levels are fine just not the 17 hydroxytestosterone which is quite high he says at 791...have had it tested 3 times, 1st time 590, 2nd 719 and now 791 ...any insight? My endo did say I have Hashimoto's disease because he felt a goiter in myy neck and i am on 88 Levoxyl to keep it down so I can swallow....which just reminded me that I have SEVERE night sweats ( even during my afternoon naps...) Any insight?
The reason I ask is because I have APECED which is a collection of endocrine disorders and so I have Addison's Disease, Hypothyroidism, Hypoparathyroidism, thin bones, Diabetes - low blood sugar, enamel dysplasia, candidiasis, and nail dystrophy.

I am 33yrs old and got Addison's Disease when I was 11years old. I live by myself, with my two children aged 11yrs and 4years and work full time in a very stressful job. I can't do much sports however I find swimming is very benficial and stress relieveing.

What medication/dosage are you on because this would impact upon how you feel - palpatations and lethargy. Addison's Disease is not curable however with the correct medication you can lead a relatively normal and healthy life. I have a positive outlook as a result because what is the point in dwelling on things that won't go away. I don't smoke either, I drink socially, eat healthily and I too have credit card bills and a hefty mortgage however it is this that motivates me to go to work and do things because they won't go away.

I have had about 10 Adrenal Crisis and have ended up in the emergency department however I have always recovered.

I do think it is to do with the doses and medication yoou are on. If you got this sorted I'm sure you would feel alot better. I'm not a medical person however can speak from my own experience.[/QUOTE]

I realize this is an old post but I wanted to jump in and say I am 23, I have Addisons, hypoparathyroidism, hypothyroidism, and am at a high risk for diabtes and have my a1c checked monthly!

I am currently 5 months pregnant and in nursing school and am able to handle the stress of everything. I do my best to not let all of my disease hinder me from doing what I want, sure I have to take it easy more often than most but thats about it!

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