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[QUOTE=orion;3562577]Sounds like pituitary problems which a stim test will not detect.[/QUOTE]
I guess it could be my Pit on the way out. My FSH and LH are pretty low compared to my T levels, which I believe are the first things to go with Pit problems. I have no experience with ACTH in HypoPit problems, but since my first ACTH stim test showed my adrenal reserves couldn't get hight enough, and since I had a high ACTH compared to my Cortisol I would think it was more Adrenal then Pit.

There is the CRH stim test, which takes a step back in the feedback look and makes the Pit think the Hypothalamus is giving a big order for Cortisol, but it's not a very popular test and I doubt my Endo would go for it.

[QUOTE=Cat2008;3562708]...having a disorder such as Addison's Disease does not stop you from working if you are on the correct medication[/QUOTE]
True, but what about an untreated condition that is on no medication?

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