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[QUOTE=sparkles916;3567620]That is interesting what your dr said. What sort of dr are you seeing?

When I saw an endo at a top ranked endocrinology department in Philadelphia, I asked him if my ACTH was normal and he nearly shouted at me "it is NORMAL". He was really rude and patronizing.

I have been looking around the web and have found some lit on the subject. The conlcusions seems mixed, varying from low dhea-s is not a problem, to it is indicative of secondary adrenal insufficiency.

I have an appointment in June to see a new dr who specializes in hormone treatment. Hopefully, it will work out. :jester:

You said that your DHEA-s is out of range? What is your level?

I am also hypo, and probably have similar saliva results as you do. It is so hard to get a good answer. :)[/QUOTE]

Sparkles- I am seeing a regular Endo doctor. She seems to know some good stuff, but some others things I question about her. I first did a saliva test on my DHEAS. it came back as 2 normal range for my age (32) is between 6-10. it was indicated on my analysis I should take 5-10mg DHEA to up it. I went to the doctor several months later and did a regular blood tes on DHEA and it was normal at that time 224 (130-980)- I was feeling good when I did this test. So I waited till I was feeling really crappy again (hard to get up, hard to breath and hard to even stand and walk, sleeping all the time, cant exercise cuz it made it worse ect) This DHEAs blood test came back low it was 119 (130-980). That was the last blood test I had and it was last year. Im almost positive it has dropped since then. I explained all my symptoms to my endo, including craving salt and salty foods ( I normally would have hated salt), inability to function almost at all. Missed sooo much work because all I want to do is sleep. I had to modify my work hours when I am feeling like this which is most of the time. I will get better for a few weeks around my cycle then a couple weeks after my cycle I go right back to feeling crappy again. Im so frustrated just like you are. Found out my testostrone is way to low too. I might have to do some studying on the normal ranges of ACTH test because I am curious and not sure if I trust my doctor. We could be right on the edge or something and they will tell you its normal. How agravating. This happend when I was diagnosed HYPO and Hashi.

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