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Today was supposed to be my first day of attempting to wean of 10 of my 30 mg of cortef. I recently weaned off florinef due to swelling and heirline fractured my left foot due to blacking out without warning.
My blood pressure is still very low 90/59 sitting with a pulse of 70 90/61 standing with a pulse of around 91 to 100. My clumisness is better. It has now been two weeks today, took a month to get off.
I was supposed to cut my noon dose of cortef in half and then take my 10 mg at 5 which would put me at 25 instead of 30. I am supposed to maintain this pattern for three weeks and then cut out the noon dose and then just take the am and pm doses at 20.
Needless to say I tried. I made it until 3:45 felt the need to go to sleep and dizzy so I took the half from lunch and cut it in half again and took it at 6 and the dizziness is better, but still there.
Anyone else expereince this when trying to reduce dose?
As I reread what I wrote in the first post, it does not make much sense.
Let me try again.
I usually take 10mg in the morning at 6
I take 10 more at noon
I take 10more at 5

Doctor told me that she does not want me to go too long without doses so she wants me to try and eliminate my noon dose, and back up my 5 oclock dose until around 4 to try and maintain my blood pressure. Based on my testing, she said I will never go below 20mg of cortef, but she is not sure I will be able to go below 25 so she wants me to try and see.

I was supposed to cut the noon dose in half for three weeks and then try and eliminate. I cut it in half yesterday got real dizzy took my 10 at 5 as always and at 6 still dizzy do I took another 5 mg at 6. It helped a lot but not all the way.

Today I am going to try taking half plus another half of a half at lunch and see what happens. I guess that would make it 8 instead of a full 10

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