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Your daughters doctor should lose his license. 10 mg of dex is equal to 1600 mg of hydrocortisone and 400 mg of prednisone so she had the equivalences of 11,200 mg of HC and 2800 mg of prednisone over 7 days. That goes way beyond an insane amount. I've seen people who are really messed up from that amount. To much steroid will shut down cortisol receptors in cells and suppress ACTH to where it won't ever want to come back up when steroid is removed. If one already had low ACTH, the super high dosing is like the last nail in the coffin for acth production. If she was primary adrenal insufficient, now she probably has steroid therapy induced secondary adrenal insufficiency on top of primary AI. As cortisol is connected to other hormones such as sex hormones, thyroid, DHEA and epinephrine, the dex may have caused wide damage to her endocrine system which may or may not correct itself to near where it had been.

Even if your daughter didn't need steroid therapy before, it sounds like she does now. Your daughter needs serum acth and acth stimulation tests as well as DHEA-S, aldosterone, renin, sodium, potassium, TSH, free T3, free T4, TPO and Tga antibodies, igf-1 (if this is low, ITT or arginine to stim GH should be done), prolactin, LH, FSH, and all sex hormones. Get these and post them here. I'm sorry for what your daughter has had to endure by the doctors.

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